John Dresp Killed During Cruise Line Excursion

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Yesterday we brought you a blog post about the dangers of cruise line excursions.  We told you that cruise line excursions can result in serious injury or death, and not to automatically trust the cruise line, or the excursion provider, if the excursion seems dangerous.

Today we bring you the story of John Dresp to illustrate the point of the dangers of cruise line excursions.  In 2005, John sailed on the Norwegian Dream with his brother and his brother’s wife.  The group decided to take a shore-side excursion at the Belize barrier reef, offered by Discovery Divers.

The story, written by John’s brother, begins by saying that the group, a total of 47 on the excursion, was given equipment, but not told how to use it – nor were they warned of dangerous conditions in the water:


“She did not ask who was a beginner, our gear was not checked, no one met us in the water and we were not warned of a moderate to strong current moving away from the boat and the snorkeling area,” he said.

John was described as a strong swimmer, in good physical condition.  Despite this, after John’s brother had his own problems battling the current, John too was carried away by the strong waves.

“I didn’t wear flippers and was quickly carried out by the current, he said.”  ”My brother John was a first time snorkeler but a good swimmer. John worked out daily and was in good physical health. My wife Winifred was last in the water. She and my brother were within twenty feet of the catamaran when she asked John where I was and he told her “way out there.” She said “if you’re all right, I’ll go get help for Don and be right back.” Winifred called up to the boat for help and I was promptly rescued. When she went back to John she could not find him.”

John was missing.  As the pair, his brother and his brother’s wife, continued to search, they were told by Discovery Divers that John was “probably with the other guests at the reef.”  The couple spent the next 12 days looking for John, but he was never found.



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