Cruise Ship Injury Is It Your Fault?

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If you are on a cruise ship, on the pool deck for example, and you slip and fall, injuring yourself – is that your fault?  This kind of question is very important because it really goes to the heart of many of the cases we see here at the Hickey Law Firm.  The fact is that many times what the victim does not know, can hurt them.

There are many hazards which may arise from operating a cruise ship.  The cruise company is responsible for making sure that the ship is safe for the passengers to enjoy and use, including all public areas of the ship.  They are responsible for making sure the food is safe to eat, and the water is safe to drink.

So, let’s go back to the earlier example, a slip and fall on the pool deck.  The first thing you may think is “pool decks are slippery because of the water.”  But this is not necessarily the case.  We recently had a case in which a woman slipped and fell on the pool deck, injuring herself very badly.  It turns out that the cruise line had coated the pool deck with a very slippery coating which they knew could cause people to slip and injure themselves.

If you have an injury aboard a cruise ship, or during an off shore excursion, do not just assume that you are at fault.  Give us a call and allow us to review your case.

Jack Hickey – Miami Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Attorney