Cruise Ship Disappearances More Common Than You Think

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Cruise ship disappearances occur more common than you would think.  Recent tallies by some news organizations put the tally as high as 165 disappearances in recent years.

So, how does a cruise ship disappearance happen?  Why do we not hear more about this in the news?  Let’s take a look at the case of Amy Lynn Bradley to get an idea.  This is her story as told by her parents.

In 1998 23-year old Amy sailed with her brother and her parents in the Caribbean.  She left out one morning to have a smoke, taking her cigarettes and lighter, but not wearing any shoes.  Obviously, she did not intend to be gone very long.

This was the last time she was seen alive.  This is often the case with cruise ship disappearances.  There are no witnesses, and very few clues.  The case leaves behind a lot of unanswered questions.

Amy’s mother, who wrote the report of her daughter’s disappearance, seems to think there may have been foul play.  She says:

“The last person seen with Amy during the early hours of that morning was a cruise ship band member, known as ‘Yellow’ from a group called ‘Blue Orchid.’  There were other crewmembers that had also had contact with Amy during the cruise… a girl who worked in the casino, and three cruise ship waiters who were stationed at our dining table.  The waiters were very over-attentive towards Amy from the moment they met her.”

This is far from conclusive.  Like so many families of the missing, the Bradleys feel that the cruise line did not adequately help them, including performing an inadequate search.  The F.B.I.  got involved, and the case was even featured on ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ but Amy was never found.



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