Citizens of Charleston vs. Cruise Industry 2 Years On

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The battle continues between the citizens of Charleston and the powerful cruise industry, backed by the government of Charleston.  The citizens have been waging a legal battle for 2 years to prevent the spread of cruise lines calling on their city.  With the Carnival Fantasy permanently docked in Charleston, and other cruise ships frequently calling on the city, the residents are afraid of what will happen to Historic Charleston.

The residents complain of the noise, traffic, and pollution brought about by the frequent use of their waters by cruise ships.  They even worry about a sort of visual pollution, saying that the very sight of the cruise ships takes away from Charleston’s historical charm.  Adding to the claim, the citizens’ groups have noted that the size of the ships’ smoke stacks violate building codes.

The cruise industry, backed by the local government, have denied the pollution and traffic concerns.  They insist that the ships are clean running, and not in violation of local pollution standards.  Furthermore, the pro-cruise side contends that the economic boon brought about by having the ships call on Charleston is too great to pass up.  The city Key West, Florida as a model of how a small town can continue to have its charm, while working with the cruise industry to allow the ships which bring millions in revenue every year.

With a proposed $35 million cruise terminal set to being construction soon, the fight seems to be far from over.  The citizens’ groups oppose the location of the terminal.



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