Charleston Prepares For Contentious Cruise Related Public Forum

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Local citizen’s groups in Charleston, South Carolina - such as Coastal Conservation League and Charleston Preservation Society – are continuing to fight expansion plans by the cruise industry and the government of their state.  The next chapter in the fight is likely to be on April 18, 2012 – when The Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management holds a public forum to discuss a proposed $35 million pier, which is currently in the planning phase.

The pier, which would be located in the north end of Union pier, is just one area of contention between the powerful cruise industry and the citizens of Charleston.  The main complaints of the citizens’ groups is that the cruise industry in Charleston needs to be more tightly regulated, with limits on the number of ships using the port, and limits on pollution.

The situation in Charleston is not new.  There has been a long standing history of the cruise industry using its immense influence to gain the support of local and national governments.  The cruise business brings tourism.  Tourism equals money.

In the case of Charleston, it is exactly the same.  Though the citizenry seems to be opposed to the cruise line expansions, the mayor of Charleston actually came out in favor.  The State’s Ports Authority also gave the plans its stamp of approval.

As for now, it is too soon to tell what will happen.  Like many legal battles, this process is long and drawn-out.  However, for the sake of the citizens of Charleston, let’s hope that in this case – David can slay Goliath again.


Jack Hickey – Miami Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Attorney