Silversea Calls Cruise Collission Minor Passenger Reports Significant Damage

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There is a tendency among public relations experts to down-play that which is seen as damaging, and to play-up that which is seen as beneficial. This tactic is being deployed in full force by Silversea Cruise Lines, a few days after a significant cruise ship accident, which saw a hole torn into the side of one of it’s vessels, and nearly destroyed a Vietnamese cargo ship.

Silversea has caused to collission “minor,” despite the obvious damage to not only the cruise ship, but also the cargo ship which it struck. Given recent events, which include numerous Norovirus outbreaks, cruise ship sexual assaults, and a cruise ship fire, and a cruise ship sinking, any maritime incident involving a cruis ship should be taken seriously, not downplayed as being a minor incident.

As can be seen from the above image, while the damage caused by the collision did not cause the ship to sink, the damage was significant enough to puncture a hole into the ship.

Thankfully there were no reported injuries aboard the Silversea cruise vessel, but injuries to those aboard the Vietnamese cargo ship are unknown.



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