Senor Frogs Cozumel A Dangerous Good Time

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If you have ever been to Cozumel, Mexico, perhaps you have stopped by an establishment called Senor Frogs. It is here where the rowdy come to play. With their free flowing drinks, attractive and scantily clad servers, and “anything goes” atmosphere, Senor Frogs has become a beacon for revelers in the area. Because major cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, call on Cozumel daily, Senor Frogs has grown to international repute.

But, as with any crazy good time, there is a down side. Senor Frogs is located near a sea wall, where people can look over the side into the sea. This sea wall also proves to be an enticement for some to try their hand at diving into the sea, with injuries sometimes occurring afterwards.

Did you know that Senor Frogs had actually caught fire recently? Check out the youtube video below for proof.

We are committed to keeping people on vacation safe. If you, or anyone you know, took a Carnival Cruise vacation, and was injured at the sea wall, please contact us immediately.