Cruise Passengers Get Refunds Others Dont

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A recent report from local Tampa Bay channel 8, has revealed that Princess cruise lines has given a refund to some passengers which were stricken with Norovirus, and gave nothing to others. About a month ago a group of over 300 passengers, and 30 crew, were stricken with Norovirus while sailing on Princess Cruise Line’s “Crown Princess.”

The stories from the ship were horrid, including passengers violently vomiting and being quarantined to their rooms to prevent the spread of the disease. The quarantined passengers missed much of the fun, including eating at the nightly dinners, and seeing the on board shows. Despite not being allowed to eat at the nightly dinners, they were charged roughly $100 apiece in gratuity for the dinners.

At the end of the trip the passengers disembarked, and the same ship was then boarded by the next group of passengers, who set sail on the Crown Princess.

As can be imagined, many from the next group of passengers also fell ill with Norovirus. This second outbreak caused the cruise line to alter the itinerary, with the second sailing not making all the scheduled stops.

The second group was refunded at least some of their cruise fare, while the first group was not. Princess says that the refund was given because of the itinerary change.