Most Overlooked Cruising Mistakes Nos. 7 9

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We at Hickey Law Firm often recommed our clients, friends, and familile s to stay away from cruising all together.  We have seen just too many cases of negligence, sexual assault, rape. and unsanitary situations to honestly recommend a cruise vacation to anyone.  But, people continue to cruise, with last year seeing Americans tak about 10 million cruises.  Because of this, we are going to point out some of the most common mistakes people make when crusising.  Hopefully this will help you and your family avoid some costly mistakes.

This list is a continuation of our list from yesterday.  Here you will find tips number  7- 9

7.  Choose your cruise line carefully.   You should ask questions before deciding to book with a particular cruise line.  Ïnvestigate their refund policy.  Ask how they handle cases of weather related cancellations.  Ask how they handle the outbreak of disease such as Norovirus.  There were many cases over the summer of weather related issues which caused passengers to have terrible cruises. In some cases the passengers were actually left behind as the cruise ships sailed early to avoid impending weather conditions.

8. Know how you will contact home if you need to.  You should know if your cell phone will work on the cruise ship.  Some phones by some carriers will, while others will not.  Ask your carrier how much a call will cost per minute and if there are any additional charges, such as roaming.  Also, check into the options offered by the cruise line.  Choose which ever is cheapest if you need to phone home for any reason.

9. Have an emergency plan. Know who to contact in case of emergency.  Many people do not know this but the American authorities may not be your primary source of help in the case of a disappearance, injury, or assault.  Do your due dilligence.  Discuss with your party what to do in the case someone is hurt, or lost.

Following these tips is not enough to ensure you have a great cruise vacation.  But, they will help you avoid some of the more common cruise realted mitakes.  And, if you do run into serious trouble, give us a call.