Most Overlooked Cruising Mistakes Nos. 1 3

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We at Hickey Law Firm often recommed our clients, friends, and familile s to stay away from cruising all together.  We have seen just too many cases of negligence, sexual assault, rape. and unsanitary situations to honestly recommend a cruise vacation to anyone.  But, people continue to cruise, with last year seeing Americans tak about 10 million cruises.  Because of this, we are going to point out some of the most common mistakes people make when crusising.  Hopefully this will help you and your family avoid some costly mistakes.

1.  Forgetting to make a packeing list BEFORE the cruise.   Purchasing extras aboard a cruise ship can be expensive.  Whether it be toothpaste or other hygiene products, or even something incase you get an upset stomach, it is a good idea to make a list at home and bring everything you need with you.

2.  Bring anti motionsickness medicine such as Dramamine.  Many people do not expect to have any problems with motion sickness aboard a cruise ship, but the truth is that they can are floating vessels.  They do get tossed to and fro by the water and waves, and it is said that the higher you are on the ship the more you will feel the rocking.  This can cause many people to become ill, leading to all kinds of problems.  Dont forget the anit motion sickness pills.

3. Remember not to drink the water.  This is a BIG one.  There are many destinations where it is safe to drink local water, but there are many more in which the water is unsafe.  It is most advisable that you play it safe and purchase bottled water when possible.  Sure, it will cost an few extra bucks, but plan for that in advance.  The last thing you want is to have your crusie ruined by microscopic bugs in the water.