2011 Study Contradicts CLIA Assertion that Cruising Is Safer than Land

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The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the largest cruise industry association in the world. The CLIA’s job is to promote cruising as the best form of vacation transportation, and to defend cruise companies against criticism. One of the most common responses CLIA spokespeople use whenever the cruise industry is criticized is to claim that cruising is the safest form of transportation in the world.

Those of you who have been reading our blogs, or just paying attention to the cruise industry, will likely know that cruise companies have a major sexual assault problem. Every year more sexual assaults are reported aboard cruise ships than any other kind of crime.

Challenging the notion that cruising is safer than being on land, an assertion that a CLIA representative made yet again to FastCompany.com last month, is a 2011 study by researchers from New Zealand and Canada. The study found the exact opposite of the claim made by CLIA and asserts that there are actually more sexual assaults per capita aboard cruise ships than on land.

The research team came to this finding before recent changes in how cruise companies report crimes, which resulted in an increase in reported cruise ship sexual assaults.  For example, cruise ship sexual assaults reported in 2017 were 23% higher than those reported in 2016.

CLIA representatives’ job is to defend the cruise industry. This means that all of their claims must be questioned, especially as it relates to passenger safety.