“Pure Chaos” Reported After Mechanical Problem Causes Cruise Ship to Tilt

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Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship received quite the scare on Sunday when the ship began to tilt severely on its side as it embarked on a Caribbean cruise.

Passengers report being terrified as dishware, glasses, and even furniture began to fall over as the ship tilted. A passenger named Kyla Williams told CBS New York “I was shifting, falling out of my seat…This was very much the ship rolling to one side and everything falling down from that, and it was something you’ll never forget.”

Some passengers were reportedly so upset about the incident that when they arrived at the first port of call they booked flights back home in order to avoid boarding the ship again.

Carnival issued a statement acknowledging the incident, but saying that the ship is safe for passengers and will continue with its scheduled itinerary.

The company says that the tilting (listing) resulted due to a stabilizer malfunction.