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  • In August 2015 a father and his bother-in- law punished a teenage boy for making a suggestive comment to his daughter as they sailed on a cruise ship.
  • The perpetrator has now been sentenced to two years prison time, after pleading no contest to the charges against him.
  • His bother-in-law will go to trial in April.

In August 2015 an Ohio man attacked a teenaged boy on a cruise ship, after he made indecent comments about the man’s daughter. Now, the man has been sentenced after pleading no contest to charges stemming from the incident.

33 year old Jason Lawson was sailing on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship on August 16, 2015, when a teenaged male passenger reportedly offered his daughter a key chain for her virginity.

Lawson, accompanied by his brother-in-law Arturo Martinez, overheard the comment and subsequently prevented the boy from leaving the library, where the incident happened. Martinez reportedly pulled down the boy’s pants and simulated a sexual act on the boy, but Lawson did not participate in the assault.

During his sentencing, Lawson apologized repeatedly to the court and appealed to the judge for leniency. His appeals fell on deaf ears. Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey noted that Lawson should have apologized to the victim in his statement.

Lawson was sentenced to two years in prison, followed by five years of probation. He will not be able to resume his duties coaching minors for 18 months.

Martinez is due in court on April 6, after pleading not guilty to the charges against him.

  • An Iranian citizen was reportedly briefly refused entry into the U.S. yesterday after returning to the country on a cruise ship.
  • The man’s detention was a result of an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Friday.
  • The order barred citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen from being admitted to the U.S. for 90 days.

On Friday President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at preventing people from seven countries from entering the United States. The order created immense confusion across the globe, as travelers from the targeted countries were prevented from boarding vessels at airports and seaports in foreign countries.

Some travelers were refused entry to the country after having landed in the U.S. while traveling by air. At least one person reported to have been detained by U.S. officials after sailing to the country by cruise ship.

The executive order specified that citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen be refused entry to the United States for a period of 90 days. Even those who hold U.S. residency, also known as green card holders, were instructed to be barred from entering the country.

Iranian chemical engineer, Maysam Sodagari, arrived from Mexico to Port Everglades aboard the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas yesterday, and was briefly detained. He documented his ordeal live on Facebook as officials detained him. The Miami Herald reports that Sodagari’s friends say that he has a green card. According to his LinkedIn page, reports the Herald, Sodagari obtained a Ph.D from the University of Akron and subsequently worked for two companies in the U.S.  

After being detained for three hours, Sodagari was reportedly allowed to enter the country.

  • A woman, who sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines, is suing the company, claiming negligence.
  • The plaintiff was injured when she fell down a stairway on a Carnival cruise ship.
  • The suit blames Carnival for failing to maintain the stairway in good working order and free of hazards.

A woman who sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines in November is suing the company, alleging that its negligence resulted in her sustaining physical injury.

The plaintiff, Catherine Maranhao, filed suit against the company in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The suit stems from an alleged slip-and-fall incident on November 23, in which she reportedly fell down a stairway, suffering physical injury. Her suit holds Carnival responsible, claiming that the company failed to maintain the stairway free of hazardous objects and defects.

The plaintiff’s suit seeks compensation for damages and interest, medical expenses, legal fees, and other relief provided by the court.

Cruise lines have a responsibility to maintain the premises of their ships in good working order. Passengers may be entitled to compensation when they are injured due to a cruise company’s having failed to properly maintain a ship, including cleaning up dangerous spills, removing dangerous objections in walkways, and correcting other hazards.

Carnival is sued dozens of times per year for passenger slip-and-fall incidents.

  • The parents of child, who was injured on a Carnival cruise last year, are suing the company for negligence.
  • The child was injured after being struck by another child who had descended on the ship’s water slide.
  • The suit says that the victim suffered from a broken buccal plate and a fractured tooth as a result of the collision.

The parents of a minor passenger who sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines last year are suing the company, alleging negligence.

The suit was filed on behalf of a child, identified only as MJ, on January 4th in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. It alleges Carnival Cruise Lines was negligent in an incident which injured MJ on May 23, 2016.

The compliant says that MJ was injured when she was in the pool area on one of Carnival’s ships. While standing near the exit of a water slide, MJ was struck and caused to fall by another child who had descended on the slide. The fall broke MJ’s buccal plate and fractured one of her teeth, the suit claims.

The legal action holds Carnival responsible for not providing sufficient assistance to the children using the slide.

The plaintiffs seek damages and interest, legal fees, medical expenses, and other compensation deemed just by the court.

  • A Royal Caribbean crew member was injured while working on her cruise ship on Wednesday.
  • The woman suffered a severe back injury while aboard the Legend of the Seas as it headed towards Brisbane.
  • The crew member was reportedly hurt while performing her normal job duties, but the exact cause of her injuries has not been disclosed.

A cruise ship crew member was reportedly hurt Wednesday, as the ship on which she works was traveling near the Cook Strait.

The incident occurred on the Legend of the Seas cruise ship, which was traveling toward Brisbane. The woman reportedly suffered from a back fracture while performing her normal work duties, but it was unclear exactly what circumstances resulted in the traumatic event which injured the worker.

Following her injury, the crew member was airlifted from the ship and taken to a nearby hospital.

In a statement, Royal Caribbean said that it had requested an emergency evacuation in order to get the injured woman help as soon as possible. "We are keeping our colleague in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery," the statement said.

The Legend of the Seas is registered in the Bahamas. It is currently in service in the Asia-Pacific region, and was on a 14-night New Zealand tour at the time of the crew member’s injury.

  • Last summer a cruise ship crashed into a dock in Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • The Celebrity Infinity reportedly caused $2 million to $3 million in damage when it struck the port.
  • Officials say that the port dock should be repaired in one to two months.

Last summer a Celebrity Cruises ship caused millions of dollars of damage when it collided with a port in Alaska.

The Celebrity Infinity collided with a dock in the port city of Ketchikan, Alaska in June, causing an estimated $2 million to $3 million damage. As the ship approached the dock workers noticed that something was wrong, and hurried out of the way.

The collision, which was caught on video and later posted online, occurred at the Berth 3 dock. The damage left the berth temporarily unusable.

Authorities responsible for maintaining the dock announced that they believe it will be repaired within a month or two after the incident.

With the high level of training required to become a ship captain, it would seem that cruise ship dock collisions would be an exceedingly rare occurrence. While you are not likely to be injured in a collision between a cruise ship and a dock, such incidences do happen far more often than most people would think.

For example, summer 2016 also saw the Spirit of Baltimore cruise ship crash into a local pier, causing significant damage.




  • A Holland American crew member was arrested by Broward sheriff’s deputies on Thursday.
  • The worker allegedly received oral sex from a minor teen on the MS Veendam cruise ship on Sunday.
  • The crew member is reportedly being charged with committing a lewd and lascivious act involving a minor.

A Holland America crew member was arrested earlier this week, accused of having received oral sex from a minor while aboard the ship on which he worked.

The crew member, a waiter on the MS Veendam cruise ship, reportedly engaged in the sexual act last Sunday. Local ABC 10 reports that 26-year-old Gede Sukrantara met the 15-year-old victim while he was on the ship, and at some point, the two began kissing each other. The pair later moved to a bathroom where Sukrantara locked the door and received oral sex from the victim.

The day following the incident the teen reported what had happened. Sukrantara was questioned by authorities on Thursday and reportedly confessed. He was arrested on charges of committing a lewd and lascivious act involving a minor. The victim’s father reportedly indicated to authorities that he wishes to prosecute.

Of all crimes reported aboard cruise ships, sexual assaults are among the most frequent. Women, teen girls, and minors are among those most commonly victimized.


  • A former passenger with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is suing the company, claiming that it acted negligently.
  • The plaintiff alleges that he was injured while using a FlowRider Surfing Simulator on one of the company’s cruise ships.
  • The suit claims that the company had previously modified the ride, but failed to inform passengers of the increased danger.

A man is suing Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines after he was injured while using an attraction on one of the company’s ships.

In his suit, the plaintiff, Zygmunt Brett, claims that he suffered physical injuries while using the FlowRider Surfing Simulator. The incident occurred as he sailed on a cruise with the company on July 18th, 2016.

The suit, which was filed on January 12th in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, alleges that Royal Caribbean is responsible for his injuries. The plaintiff accuses the company of modifying the simulator in a way which increased the danger to passengers, but then failed to warn potential riders of the changes or the associated dangers.

The plaintiff is suing for damages, and requests a jury trial.

  • A former cruise ship passenger is suing Carnival Cruise Lines, following a January 2016 slip-and-fall.
  • The plaintiff suffered serious personal injury after falling on the lido deck of the Carnival Valor.
  • The plaintiff’s suit seeks damages, interest, legal fees, and any additional relief provided by the court.

A former cruise ship passenger recently filed suit against Carnival Cruise Lines, alleging that he was harmed due to the company’s negligence.

The plaintiff, Heriberto Morales, sailed on the Carnival Victory cruise ship in early 2016. On January 2, 2016, while enjoying the ship’s pool area, Morales slipped and fell on the lido deck, suffering personal injury.

According to a lawsuit, which Morales filed on January 3rd, 2017, Carnival was negligent because the company failed to exercise reasonable care, and failed to warn passengers of the slippery conditions of the lido deck.

Carnival has been sued countless times over the years as a result of passengers’ injuries resulting from pool area slip-and-falls. At least some of these falls have been traced to the company’s use of unreasonably slippery flooring in the pool areas.

Morales’ suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, seeks damages, interest, legal fees, and any additional relief provided by the court.

  • A life boat fell from the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship Monday, while the ship was in Charleston Harbor.
  • A U.S. Coast Guard team was dispatched to the area to inspect the damage.
  • No one was reported harmed in the incident.

South Carolina news outlets are reporting that a life boat, belonging to a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, fell into the sea and capsized Monday.

The incident occurred in Charleston Harbor this afternoon. After the U.S. Coast Guard was alerted to the incident, a Coast Guard spokesperson indicated that they had dispatched a team to assess the vessel for any damage, and to assess the area for any potential spills of hazardous materials.

Though no injuries were reported in the incident, life boat accidents can be particularly deadly. At least two life boat accidents each resulted in multiple fatalities of crew members in 2016. A particularly deadly accident several years ago left five crew members dead.

It is alarming that, in light of these deaths, life boat accidents like the one witnessed today continue to happen. The ongoing trend likely stems from an underlying lack of crew training and supervision.