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  • Cruise ship passengers must beware of potential violence on shore at some of the world’s ports of call.
  • AOL issued a list of the most dangerous ports of call in the world.
  • Danger issues range from robbery to terrorism concerns.

According to a report issued by AOL, the among the world’s cruise destination are several that should alarm those looking to see the world by way of cruise ship. The fact is that the world can be a very dangerous place and cruise lines must try to keep their passengers safe while at the same time ferrying them to exotic and exciting vacation destinations. This means they must try to determine which ports of call’s positive features balance favorably with its hazards.

Below we will take a look at some of the most dangerous crews destinations in the world according to the AOL article.

Columbia - Columbia has been one of the most dangerous countries in the world for decades, and continues to rank among the top 20. But despite its reputation for violence, Columbia continues to host large numbers of cruise ship arrivals every year.

Saint Lucia - Authorities say that cruise ship passengers in Saint Lucia are frequently targets of robbery. The situation has gotten so bad that many cruise lines are reportedly considering pulling the country from their itineraries altogether.

Saint Croix – Saint Croix has reportedly seen its cruise arrivals decrease dramatically during the summer months, in response to the destination’s continuing problems with violence against cruise ship passengers.

Turkey – Cruise passengers in Turkey have not reportedly suffered from relatively high levels of violence, but the country borders Iraq and Syria, two the war zones, and is reportedly a major gathering place for ISIS terrorists looking to cross the border into Syria.


  • The Thomson Celebration lost power this week, stranding it in Malta’s port
  • Crews were able to restart the engines after about an hour
  • Cruise ship power problems occur more often than most would guess

According to published reports a cruise ship suffered an engine malfunction off the coast of Malta this week, rendering the ship temporarily immobile.

THOMSON CELEBRATION RENDERED IMMOBILE BY ENGINE PROBLEM. The Thomson Celebration cruise ship was in the port of Malta this week when its propulsion engines suddenly stopped working. The ship was unaccompanied at the time, meaning that it was not being secured by tugboats, and began to drift when its proportion systems when offline. The ship’s captain decided to drop anchor in order to avoid a collision with the port’s breakwater. After a blocking the fairway for approximately 1 hour the ship’s crew was reportedly able to restart the engines. The ship then continued along its scheduled itinerary of visiting ports along the Mediterranean.

Cruise ships have a lot of moving parts, but perhaps the most delicate and dangerous is the ship’s engine. When properly maintained cruise ship engines have the ability to push multi-thousand ton vessels effortlessly across the world’s oceans. But when the engines malfunction, such as when they suffer from engine fires, the resulting situations can see the ships lose propulsion and vital functions such as plumbing in ventilation.

CRUISE SHIP ENGINE PROBLEMS NOT UNCOMMON. Cruise ship engine troubles occur far more frequently than the average traveler would likely guess. The most infamous recent example of a cruise ship losing power happened in 2013 when the Carnival Triumph suffered an engine fire which knocked out not only is propulsion system, but also its ventilation and plumbing systems. The ship was stranded at sea, totally helpless, and required to be towed into port.

Passengers and commentators named the fated cruise voyage the “poop cruise” because passengers were forced to relieve themselves in bags and other undesirable locations due to the fact that the ship’s plumbing system had been knocked offline. Additionally, passengers had to sleep on the ship’s decks because of the lack of ventilation resulting from the loss of power.


Years ago there were multiple accounts of pirates attacking shipping vessels in the seas off of the coast of Somalia. While such attacks definitely raised the alarm for cruise ship passengers, they seemed far enough away so as to not pose an imminent threat to the Western cruise industry. But as can be learned by a recent incident in Peruvian waters, pirate attacks are not isolated to maritime regions off the coast of Africa.

According to published reports pirates pulled alongside the Amazon Discovery cruise ship on Thursday and proceeded to board the ship and rob its passengers and crew. All told, the pirates made off with approximately $20,000 in cash and valuables. It has been reported that there were approximately 60 people aboard the cruise ship that the time of the robbery, of which 21 were Americans.

Cruising and taking excursions in international waters and locales has long been a relatively dangerous practice. We recently reminded our readers that several years ago a group of tourists were robbed at gunpoint while taking a cruise excursion in Mexico. More recently 10 Australians were injured, some of them critically, in a cruise excursion auto accident on the island of Vanuatu.

Often times when cruise passengers are injured, whether the injuries be sustained aboard the cruise ship or on an excursion, the cruise companies themselves may be liable. We have represented many clients who have been injured on cruise ships as a result of the companies' negligence. Many of our clients have even been the victims of outright assault, including sexual assault.

If you, or your loved one, have been injured on a cruise ship or on a cruise excursion, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation under law. Contact our law offices immediately to speak with a knowledgeable of attorney about your case and learn your legal options.


Cruise ships are the sites of dozens of sexual assaults per year. Because there are inaccurate records about cruise ship crimes including rapes and sexual assaults, the actual incidence of sexual assaults could very well be in the hundreds or thousands per year. But because it can be difficult to imagine exactly how a cruise ship sexual assault could happen, below we take a look at a recent case.

A former waiter on the cruise ship Costa Fascinosa was recently sentenced to spend 10 months in jail due to an incident in October 2013 in which he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old passenger. The waiter, Floriano Fernandes, reportedly entered the victim’s stateroom and began touching her inappropriately. He then attempted to rape her, but she was able to fight him off.
Tellingly, though the incident was reported to ship authorities, and the ship’s captain was alerted to the matter, he reportedly turned in his cruise report to the Coast Guard signaling that there had been no notable event during the trip. The captain was also put on trial for attempting to cover up the crime, but was acquitted.
Cruise ship sexual assaults are likely far more common than many would guess. Though the majority of cruise ship sexual assaults are perpetrated by crew members, fellow passengers also perpetrate the crimes at relatively high proportions. What’s interesting about this case is that the cruise captain was put on trial. There have been other instances in which cruise companies have blatantly impeded authorities’ ability to investigate onboard sexual assault, but there has been no report of charges having been filed as a result.
If you, or your loved one, have been sexually assaulted or raped aboard a cruise ship, you may be entitled to significant compensation. We can help you fight for the monetary damages you will need to begin to put your life back together. Call us at the Hickey Law Firm, P.A. today to discuss your case and your legal options.



Being injured or falling ill on a cruise ship can create an extremely dangerous situation for any cruise ship passenger, due to cruise lines’ general lack of adequate medical staff aboard even the most modern cruise ships in the world.

In recent years there have been countless cases of cruise passengers requiring urgent medical care aboard cruise ships, only to receive substandard care (or no care at all), and have their conditions worsen as a result.
One such case was submitted to an international cruise victims’ organization by the victim's mother. According to Lisa Ricci, mother of Christina Ricci, in September 2015 her 24-year-old daughter set off for a four day Mexican cruise with her boyfriend. The morning after leaving port Ricci's parents received a call from her boyfriend, informing them that she was unconscious. They later found out she had been having a stroke.
According to her mother's report the cruise ship’s medical staff was alerted to her condition, but instead of airlifting her to a proper medical facility, they took her to the ship's medical room where they delayed in providing her with lifesaving treatment. Christina's mother says that the ship's staff seemed not to know the signs of stroke, and did not call the Coast Guard or attempt to quickly return to port in time to save her daughter's life.
Understandably, Christina's family faults the cruise industry for touting its newest mega ships, complete with various diversions, rides, and attractions, while neglecting the basics such as proper medical care facilities and training for medical staff.
Every year cruise ships and cruise ship excursions are the scene of thousands of injuries across the world. If you, or your loved one, have been injured while on a cruise or excursion, contact us at the Hickey Law Firm, P.A. today for a no-cost case evaluation. We have extensive experience in working with cruise victims and their families, and know how to get results.
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According to authorities in Alaska the captain of a small cruise ship, which was sailing in the state, was found dead in his stateroom on Monday morning.

Authorities say that crew members found the body of 47-year-old Kenneth Adams in his cabin aboard Alaskan Dream Cruises’ cruise ship the Admiralty Dream. At the time of the discovery the ship was passing through Chatham Strait sailing toward Pavlof Harbor. Crew members attempted to resuscitate Adams, but to no avail. Authorities have indicated that they do not believe the captain’s death to be suspicious and do not suspect foul play.
As a result of the captain’s death the ship diverted from its original itinerary in order to meet state troopers in the town of Angoon. There, passengers were boarded onto another ship in order to allow the police time to investigate. Crew members were reportedly provided grief counselors in order to help them deal with the tragedy of having lost a coworker so suddenly.
The Admiralty Dream is a 143-foot ship which carries up to 58 passengers and 20 crew. The ship specializes in excursions, and according to the company’s web site is used to tour wilderness islands in Southeast Alaska.
At Hickey Law Firm, P.A. we fight on behalf of those who have been injured while on a cruise vacation. If you, or your loved one, have been injured or sexually assaulted on a cruise, or cruise excursion, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Contact our offices immediately for a free consultation and to explore your legal options.