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The Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas has returned from a Caribbean cruise a day early due to reported cases of passenger illness.

It appears that the ship, which had visited St Kitts, Martinique, Barbados, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico, returned to port in New York a night ahead of schedule as there were four critically ill passengers on board. The captain did not give any more information about who the passengers were or their conditions, and just asked the other passengers to understand the situation.  It is also not known whether all of them were suffering from the same condition.

Some of those on board did not understand why the patients could not be evacuated by helicopter, but this was for two reasons. Firstly the ship was out of range for a helicopter to reach it, and secondly taking a passenger from a cruise ship by helicopter can be dangerous and could cause more harm. There were discussions as to the nature of the patients’ conditions between the ship’s doctor and the flight surgeon who felt that the stress of being winched or hoisted onto a helicopter, plus the length of the flight which would have no critical care equipment on board, would be more harmful to the patients than keeping them in the on board medical facility.

The Anthem of the Seas, which carries over 4,000 passengers, left St. Maarten at 5 p.m. on November 18 and set sail for New York at top speed without calling in at any more ports.


The police are searching for 38 year old Latrice Graham who was a passenger on a cruise ship which docked at the terminal in Falmouth on Wednesday, November 11.

Mountain View

Graham, who is from Lauder Hill, Florida went ashore shortly after 10 a.m. wearing a sleeveless white blouse and black pants. No one knew where she was going and she has not been seen since.

This is not the first time passengers have gone missing from a cruise ship in Jamaica. In January 2015, 43-year-old Shelby Person and 45 year old Tyrone Rideout both of Weeping Willow, Maryland also went missing from their cruise ship.

The pair disembarked from a Carnival ship, also docked in Falmouth at around 10 a.m. on January 12 and did not arrive back at the pier so the ship left without them.

Police eventually located them in Ocho Rios following updated postings on their Facebook accounts. Both were arrested for breaching the Immigration Act.

In August 2012 three passengers missed the Carnival Freedom in Ochos Rios but were later located by police. Donald Henderson aged 45, 43-year-old Maria Henderson, and 21-year-old Aja Henderson were found staying in a villa and were deported back to the U.S.

On average one person a month goes missing off a cruise ship and while some are located, others are never heard from again.

When you go ashore after a cruise ship docks you should always ensure you have the ship’s telephone number and that of the port agent. If you do have problems getting back to the ship on time due to an accident or traffic delay for example, call the ship. The captain is not bound to wait for you but there is more chance that he will if you have explained the situation and advised what time you think you will return.

If however you do miss the ship, the local agent for the cruise line will help you to book a flight or other transport to meet the ship at the next port and they will also help you find a hotel. The local agent will not pay for these so it is essential that you have travel insurance. Ensure that you have some form of ID when you go ashore to enable you to travel without the cruise ship if necessary.


On Tuesday, 3 October in Houston, a man from Kansas was sentenced to 15 years in a federal prison for having sex with a minor on a cruise ship.

In March, 2014, 44 year old Paul Francis Grimm of Goddard, Kansas, who had been having an online relationship with a 15 year old girl, flew her from Cleveland to Houston, met her at the airport and then drove her to Galveston where they boarded a cruise ship for a Caribbean cruise.

When the ship returned, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer who was checking the passengers as they disembarked noticed that the pair were not related and had different last names and Grimm was arrested.  The investigation by the FBI which followed revealed that Grimm had been communicating for a while with the victim both on line and using a cell phone which he had purchased for her.

Grimm had then told the child’s mother that he was going on a cruise with his son, who he said was a friend of the victim, and asked if the girl could join them. He then traveled alone with the girl on the cruise and evidence of the sexual nature of their relationship was found on a computer.

Following his arrest, Grimm was remanded in custody during which time he allegedly made contact with his ex wife to try and arrange for one of his children to destroy evidence in his Kansas home. His home was then searched and in addition to his current sentence, he has also been indicted on seven counts of producing child pornography.