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CBS 10 in Tampa Bay is reporting that two people were injured on the Norwegian Breakaway while it was docked at Port Canaveral in Florida. While both of the cruise ship injuries happened on November 5, each resulted from a separate incident.

One injury occurred when an elderly woman in her 80s slipped and fell, according to NBC 2 in Orlando. The fall caused the woman to break her arm.

The other injury involved a male crewmember having something fall on his head. The head trauma resulted in a neck injury for the man, who afterwards complained of numbness and dizziness, according to reports.

According to Bay News 9 in St. Petersburg, both the crewmember and the passenger were taken to Brevard County hospitals after their accidents. Officials reported that when the Breakaway docked at Port Canaveral around noon that day, two waiting helicopters had arrived to take the two accident victims to the hospital.

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Our Miami cruise ship lawyers know that no matter where and when it happens, suffering an injury because of someone else’s negligence is one of the last things you want to happen, especially when you are on vacation. However, as true as that may be, the fact is cruise ship accidents and injuries do happen.

Having spent over three decades successfully handling cases of cruise line negligence, our firm has the experience, knowledge, skills and resources to help you if you or a loved one have been the victim of a cruise ship accident.

In a cruise ship accident case last year in which our client slipped and fell on the lido deck of the Carnival Pride cruise ship resulting in a fractured patella (kneecap) and six surgeries, we obtained a judgment in favor of our client for $3.93 million.

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Did You Know?: Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among those age 65 and older.

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Carnival Corporation d/b/a Carnival Cruise Lines operates approximately 22 cruise ships.  On these cruise ships Carnival employs waiters and other staff in restaurants.  The waiters are made to carry trays with stacks of plates and covers of plates on them and the waiters are made to rush.  On this August 3, 2012 and on this cruise ship, a waiter tripped and dumped his tray full of dishes and covers onto passenger Simone Freeman and onto Simone Freeman’s friend sitting next to her.

As a result of this incident and the waiter throwing the tray and plates and covers onto passenger Freeman, passenger Freeman fell out of her chair and landed on her left shoulder and then flat on her back.  Afterwards, the  Maitre D’ came over to the table and advised passenger Freeman that a waiter tripped coming over towards the table.   Passenger Freeman’s chair fell over and she fell onto her left shoulder.  As a result of the negligence of the cruise line, passenger Freeman has suffered permanent internal damage to her left shoulder, which is serious and debilitating.


Hickey Law Firm, P.A. –Miami Injury Attorneys handle cases of personal injury, cruise ship injury and sexual assault, and other personal injury cases

Carnival Cruise Line on the Carnival Fascination maintains a slick, shiny, glazed tile floor immediately inside glass doors which are adjacent to the pool area. As Carnival knows, men, women and children dripping wet from the pool area, on a repetitive and frequent basis walk or run from the pool area to indoors through the glass doors to the slick, glazed tile area adjacent to the elevators. Carnival also knows that this area is wet frequently by its own employees mopping and people spilling drinks. The day of this incident, either the people being wet from the pool over a period of time caused a puddle or Carnival personnel caused a puddle in wet mopping an area which was approximately 2 feet by 15 feet. The tile was dark and, therefore, camouflaged or hid the water. When passenger Yasmari Hudler walked onto to the tile floor, she slipped and fell severely injuring her knee. This injury required immediate medical attention and this injury has caused debilitating and significant injury.

In the alternative, the water extending over a large surface on the floor was deposited on the floor by other passengers or by some other improper and negligent maintenance but which should have been first prevented by Carnival personnel and by their crowd control and other procedures, and should have been dried up and made safe by the Carnival personnel.

The puddle and wet area left by the Carnival or by others immediately inside the entrance of the Grand Atrium on the Lido Deck covered a large, extended area.  There were no signs visible to anyone inside that entrance, including the Plaintiff. Further, facts and evidence show that the puddles were there for an extended period of time.

Carnival failed to act reasonably under the circumstances and accordingly was negligent which negligence caused this incident and the damages suffered by the Plaintiff.

As a result of Carnivals negligence, and the wet and slippery surface, the Plaintiff Hudler slipped and fell inside the entrance crashing onto her back and injuring her knee. Thus far, this incident resulted in injuries which to date have necessitated continued treatment and physical therapy and caused severe and permanent disability, pain, suffering, emotional distress and other damages.


Hickey Law Firm, P.A. –Miami Injury Attorneys handle cases of personal injury, cruise ship injury and sexual assault, and other personal injury cases