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We have been reporting lately about how cruise lines often seem to put business above safety – often with very tragic consequences.   Many times passengers become victims of various crimes aboard cruise ships – including sexual assaults, and even murder.  Last week we brought you’re the story of Rebecca Coriam, who disappeared in March while working aboard the Disney cruise ship the “Wonder.”  We reported how her parents had come to the U.S. in search of their daughter – only to hit a brick wall while dealing with Disney officials.  Now, they are taking their fight public.  In the coming days they will be meeting with the British Shipping Minister, Mike Penning, to demand better regulations to ‘properly regulate’ safety at sea.

Rebecca was employed as a youth worker with on the Wonder, during a 1 week cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico, when she disappeared.  A colleague said she appeared to be upset when she was last seen on March 22.  It is not known exactly when Rebecca went missing, as there was no alarm raised regarding her disappearance until she failed to show up for work on March 23.

The Coriams have met the same kind of stone walling that many others have encountered when looking for loved ones who have vanished on cruise ships.   Speaking about their daughter’s case

Mr. Coriam, from Chester, said:

‘Our daughter vanished off a ship six months ago and we are no closer to finding out what happened to her. People go on ships and are lulled into a false sense of security because they are happy places full of holidaymakers. In fact, scores of people have gone missing from cruise ships and it seems the cruise companies themselves don’t want to investigate properly for fear of bad publicity. Crimes are swept under the carpet and incidents are not investigated properly.

This case really also highlights the complex international nature of many cruise cases.  Rebecca Coriam is British.  She disappeared on a cruise from the U.S. to Mexico.  And Disney Cruise Lines is registered in the Bahamas, which reportedly has jurisdiction in this case.

The Croiams are looking to extend the power to investigate to their home country. Mr. Coriam expressed frustration with the investigation being conducted by the Bahamian authorities saying

When I have called the Bahamas asking how the investigation is going I just get told it is “ongoing Just one police officer from the Bahamas is investigating my daughter’s case. This is despite the fact there were 2,400 passengers on board and 945 staff. It is impossible for one man to do a thorough investigation. It has been a farce since the start.’

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What happened to Rebecca Coriam?  She was a worker on a Disney Cruise Line’s cruise  – who was last seen on March, 22.  The next day she failed to report  for work, and has not been seen since.

Annmaria and Mike Coriam, Rebecca’s parents, say they still hold out hope that their daughter is still alive.  After flying to America from their native Britain, to try to figure out what happened to their daughter – the couple came up empty handed.  They say that their visit was carefully orchestrated by officials with Disney.  In typical fashion, the cruise line seemed to try to keep the couple silent – shuffling them from meeting to meeting – and giving them very little opportunity to speak with the press.  Further upsetting them is the fact that close circuit TV footage of their daughter’s last documented moments had been given to police – but not to them. Reports also indicate that the parents were taken onto the ship under heavy cover – in a car with blacked-out windows.

During a tour of the ship – the captain of the ship took the couple to a place where he said he thought their daughter sat before she disappeared.  His explanation was that the girl had been washed away by a wave.  Rebecca’s father was not buying it.  Mr. Coriam, 57, said: ‘It was very, very high up the ship, so I don’t see how that could have happened.’  The couple also dismissed any notion of his daughter having committed suicide.  Rebecca was described as fun-loving, athletic, and bubbly.

There is even some suggestion that the disappearance may have been the result of an accidental fall from the ship.  Mrs. Coriam said: ‘I had to climb over the barrier to see how someone could fall over the edge – it was near on impossible. You had to get under one rail, over another and climb onto a wide ledge and even then there was a rail. I had to see and look for myself. I know Bex and I know that she would never have done that.’

What the Creams are learning is that many people go missing every year on cruise ships.  Many cruise lines have been roundly criticized for not doing enough to protect passengers.  Now, some cruises are beginning to sell “all you can booze” packages – which some say will only father increase the risk.

As for the Coriams – they still do not know what happened to their daughter.  Whatever has happened, they would just like to know the truth.  ‘We don’t know if she is dead or alive. It is the not knowing” said Mrs. Coriam.  Let’s hope Disney does everything it can to help them find their daughter.
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