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October 05, 2015

It is now known that the cargo ship El Faro sank off the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin.

The 790 foot ship set off last Tuesday, September 29 from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico with a crew of 28 Americans and five crew from Poland carrying a cargo of cars and other goods. When the ship left port, Joaquin was only forecast to be a tropical storm and its expected path was not near the route it would be taking. But Joaquin quickly strengthened into a category 4 hurricane and its path changed.

The captain of the El Faro was experienced and had planned to bypass the hurricane but then the ship experienced a mechanical failure,...

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October 01, 2015

The United States Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency are ready to announce that they have reached an agreement with the Mosaic Company to settle a lawsuit for almost $2 billion, although it still needs to be ratified in court.

The Mosaic Company, which is based in Minnesota, manufactures fertilizer made from phosphorus. The phosphorus is firstly mined in central Florida and then made into the fertilizer, but as a byproduct, the process produces a large amount of waste as well as polluted water. The waste is then stored in large mounds, which can reach up to 500 feet high and are situated in over 600 acres...

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September 30, 2015

Following the Volkswagen scandal where the auto maker has admitted to installing emission cheating software in many of their diesel autos, lawyers across the country are working to consolidate the lawsuits which are being filed on a daily basis.

Within only a few days of the story breaking that Volkswagen had installed the software on nearly half a million cars in the U.S. alone, lawyers began to file suits throughout the United States. Now the lawyers are looking to make class actions suits, so that hundreds of plaintiffs will appear before one judge in a case that is expected to last a long time. These types of suit are known as...

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September 29, 2015

According to the DeLand Chamber of Commerce there is a practice at the moment of a raft of lawsuits being served to owners of small businesses who are violating the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA.

The ADA became law back in 1990 and states that firms must have no barriers against those with disabilities, whether their employees or their customers. This includes a whole range of things such as disabled access to bathrooms and to all facilities within the establishment.

What normally happens is that someone visits the establishment and says nothing at all to the owner about any violations of the Act that he or she...

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September 28, 2015

On September 24, a Ride the Ducks craft crashed into a bus in Seattle, resulting in the death of five people and dozens were injured, some seriously

This is not the first time that these amphibious craft have been involved in accidents, as in May this year one mowed down and killed a woman in Philadelphia whose husband has issued a wrongful death lawsuit and in May 2010 a Ride the Ducks tour boat was crashed into by another ship in the Delaware River leading to the deaths of two students from Hungary. The wrongful death claims were settled two years later for $17 million with $15 million going to the families of 16 year old Dora...

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September 27, 2015

The United State Department of State Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) has once again issued a warning to United States Citizens regarding Nassau on New Providence Island in the Bahamas.

In addition, Canada and Great Britain are also warning their citizens about Nassau and the level of crime which takes place there.

The State Department highlights the rise in armed robberies and other crime over the past two years and this is not the first time. Back in October 2009, while touring Queen’s Staircase, 11 tourists were robbed at gunpoint and the following month 18 cruise ship passengers were robbed again at gunpoint, in...

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September 26, 2015

The current refugee crisis in Europe is now putting American holiday makers off the idea of travelling to the area on Mediterranean cruises.

According to the CEO of Carnival Corporation, pictures of dead bodies washing up on beaches and boats laden with starving refugees is concerning American tourists and they are noticing a reduction in bookings to the area, which he said would have an effect on earnings.

Other operators have also announced that they are being affected by the crisis with Silversea Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania no longer calling into the Greek island of Lesbos as there are 20,000 refugees...

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September 25, 2015

On Sunday, September 20, the Emerald Princess cruise ship was in the middle of a two week luxury Mediterranean cruise having left Barcelona in Spain on September 11, with 3,092 passengers on board.

At around 5.30 in the morning, before the sun had risen, the crew on board the ship noticed a tiny boat in distress off the coast of Turkey. There were eight Syrian refugees on board and they were signaling frantically at the ship for help.

The captain slowly brought the enormous cruise ship to a halt, and the seven men and one woman were helped aboard by the crew. They were then fed, had a medical examination, given water to...

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September 24, 2015

A few weeks ago a couple from Ogden had a surprise on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Chase and Emily Morgan, together with their 3 year old daughter Chloe took a weeklong cruise around the Caribbean. Emily was pregnant but the baby was not due until December, quite a few months away and the doctor had cleared her to travel.

However, just two nights into the cruise, as the ship was on its way to San Juan in Puerto Rico, she went into labor. The doctor in the medical center told her to keep her legs closed until they reached Puerto Rico which was still 14 hours away, but there was nothing she could do and shortly before...

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September 23, 2015

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, the cruise business is booming with 55 new ships due to enter service over the next five years costing more than $25 billion.

The reason that cruise lines add more and more ships to their fleets is the desire to make more money, especially as most are publically traded companies. The way to make more money is to have higher capacity on board which means bigger ships with more cabins. This then leads to more passengers and more income. As well as carrying more passengers this strategy also enables the cruise lines to improve profit as much of their profit does not come from...

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